Dr. Hammond is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) with a designation in Personal Property / Fine Arts through the American Society of Appraisers. She specializes in the appraisal and identification of European and American fine art (paintings and works on paper) from the 19th through 21st centuries as well as Mediterranean Antiquities (ancient archaeological artifacts).

Field experiences include survey and excavation work as well as architectural drafting and artifact illustration posts at a variety of sites in the Mediterranean ranging from Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Cemeteries and Neolithic settlements to Early Christian basilicas. She has also supervised excavations at a North American historic plantation home. She was the registrar, supervising artifact processing and documentation at the site of Mt. Lykaion (see links) in the Peloponnesus of Greece.

Primary interest and experience lies in processing and documenting artifacts and the management of those data. Professional research interest focus on belief systems as manifested and interpreted by archaeological remains. Extensive hands-on experience with Greek ceramics (Neolithic – Byzantine) is of note and scholarly publications focus miniature vessels.

Western art history is the genre in which Dr. Hammond studied toward her Ph.D. Her exams focused on the art, architecture, and humanities of ancient Greece and Italy from the Bronze Age to the Late Antique with special interest in Mediterranean religions and ceramic studies.

Nevertheless, her passion for all periods of art history - sharing this breadth of knowledge within its cultural and chronological context – manifests itself, whether it is appearing in artist and/or collections documentary videos or lectures/presentations to college students, continuous learning programs such as Elderhostel and Senior Institute, or general public interest.

As time permits she indulges her enthusiasm to share her knowledge as an adjunct instructor responsibility for art history surveys, art appreciation, world humanities classes, as well as the influence of the arts on the business world. She stays current of trends by traveling to international art shows, visiting museum and gallery exhibitions, and keeping abreast of market indicators.

Dr. Hammond has over two decades of hands-on experience with archaeological and fine art collections in public and private museums.  She has worked with collections in the context of collections care, storage, inventory, research, documentation, data management, international laws/treaties, publication, exhibition, acquisition development, and supporting public and scholarly programming.

Major curatorial projects encompass research and reinstallation of permanent collections of Mediterranean artifacts, Asian Art, African, Pre-Columbian, as well as European, American, and International Contemporary art ranging from the 15th century to the present. Major registration projects involved design, rennovation and implementation of space into a museum quality storage facility for two and three dimensional works of fine art as well as the renovation and cataloguing of a 5,000 object Cypriot collection which included conservation conscious storage and computer documentation.