Artistic Services


If you have or need an artist, collector, or idea for an exhibition or a vacancy in your exhibit calendar that needs filled Artistic Eye Fine Art Services will find an ideal strategy for your specific display needs. Thematic, conceptual and formal approaches are all prevalent. From selecting to displaying the artworks we can attend to as many of the details - such as labels, text panels, catalog essays, and other supporting content for the exhibition as you require. Having a guest curator adds a level of professionalism and respect to your exhibit, as well as giving you the peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled by an expert.

These services are not limited to galleries, museums, or art organizations. Artistic Eye Fine Art Services is also available for private, in-home curating or for your public office or restaurant. Imagine the difference the precise spacing, lighting, and placement can make to the impression when you, your guests, clients, or associates walk in a room. Rely on the "discerning eye" of the professionals at Artistic Eye Fine Art Services to maximize the enjoyment and presentation of your fine art.

Artistic Eye Fine Art Services is also available for public lectures, judge/juror for art shows, fine art reviews/critiques, coordinating commissions, and negotiating loans and donations.